• November 2, 2021

African grasslands are shrinking, with many more likely to be lost in the coming century

A new study shows that the land on which many of the world’s grasslands once thrived is in danger of becoming uninhabitable by the end of the century.The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, shows that a wide range of species could be lost to climate change as climate change alters habitats and water…

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How to make it rain in Texas: a guide to creating the perfect spring day

How to do it yourself?If you have a big lawn and a few trees on it, you can make your own rain garden.And if you want a little bit more of a rain fall, you might try making your own sprinklers.What is a sprinkler?A sprinkler is a small, high-pressure hose that is connected to a…

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Which is more important: a grassland or a rainforest?

I recently went to a park where I was told by a park ranger that the “snow is not really a grass” and I should go back and try again later in the day.The next day, I was hiking along the riverbank in a rain forest, and was not surprised to find that it was…

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Why do we care so much about savanna grasslands?

Hacker News users have a lot of questions about how the grasslands they care about are getting preserved.Here are some answers to some of them.1.They’re being left out.The savanna, like many of the plants, is being wiped out in a few places.The federal government has declared a national monument in the U.S. that includes about…

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When you’re just looking for some tropical grassland cover, this year’s drought may be your best bet

TENNESSEE GRASSLANDS PLANTS: As the Great Plains and Southwestern United States have begun to warm up and cool off, the last of the old prairie grasslands has gone dormant.In some places, like Southwestern Oklahoma, the prairie is already starting to thaw out.But if you’ve been to any of the new towns that popped up during…

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How to fix broken kettle grassland

Broken kettle grass has long been a nuisance to wildlife in Oregon’s oregon and sagebrush-dominated landscape.But the grass is now a serious threat to many other species, from sagebrush to wildflowers and birds.Here are a few tips for making sure your broken kettle garden is healthy for the birds and wildlife you care about.source Techradar…

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