• September 3, 2021

How to avoid a snowstorm, snowblowers and more in the snow season

With temperatures hovering around 30C, it’s no wonder that some areas in the Midwest are feeling the effects of a snowfall of more than five inches.And in the Northern Plains, the snow is also melting.On Wednesday, the first snowfall for more than two weeks was expected in some parts of the Midwest, including in New…

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What are the grasslands in Finland?

In Finland, the grassland definition refers to a grassland area that is within a municipality’s boundaries or a protected area of the municipality.This includes all areas of the country within which a person, group or corporation can engage in activities such as agriculture, forestry, or recreation.The grasslands are located in areas that have been designated…

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What you need to know about the state of arboriculture in New Mexico

The arborists at New Mexico’s arborist office don’t just collect plants to sell to the big growers.They also collect insects, fungi and other living organisms to help them preserve the natural habitat for plants and animals.For a couple of years, they’ve also been working to restore the arbor to its original state, by creating a…

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A New Way to Think About Grasslands

A lot of people think of grasslands as an incredibly diverse area, but they are actually just a subset of a much larger ecosystem.In the late 1800s, for instance, a farmer was growing a plant called the cedars of Lebanon, and his wife was growing potatoes in their backyard.The cedar grew so quickly that he…

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When the world’s grasslands die: How grasslands will be left behind

National grasslands are the largest and oldest living ecosystems on Earth.They cover an area of about 25,000 square kilometres (12,500 square miles) and support the vast majority of the world.They are among the few habitats that have survived and flourished for millennia without the help of human intervention.They have become increasingly important to the future…

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