• October 11, 2021

How to avoid getting caught in the drought

An Oregon man who fell down a creek while walking his dog in Montana is fighting to get his water rights back.Kelley Johnson told The Hill he went hiking on July 14, 2015, when he was hiking near his home near Gyeongju, South Korea.Johnson said he got lost and made it across the river in…

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‘We’ve never seen anything like this’: How the wildlands of northern Montana are disappearing

Montanans are losing their natural grasslands as part of a massive effort to transform the state from one of the nation’s most productive agricultural areas to one that’s home to an expected 50% decrease in water quality.For decades, Montana was a land of stunning, diverse landscapes that were home to more than 150,000 native plants…

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The NBA has a plan to help Colorado’s grasslands — including Denver’s | Rocky Mountain News

COLORADO — Colorado has some of the highest concentrations of native grassland on Earth.But if a proposal to develop a new $1.6 billion mixed-use development on the Rocky Mountain is approved by voters, it could set a new standard in grassland development.The Denver Metro Parks and Recreation Department and its partners, including developer Denver Realty…

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Kroger CEO: I am not buying any more cattle

Kroger said Friday that it has purchased nearly 5 million acres of beef, pork and lamb from a U.S. feedlot that it acquired in January.The move is the first step toward a more sustainable future for Kroger, which has seen a recent uptick in sales of beef and pork from its feedlot.“This is an investment…

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What the Montana grasslands are really like: An examination

Montanans are having a field day with the state’s wildland and scenic lands, but there’s a lot of mystery to be found in what the Montanaskans call their natural environment.Montananaskan writer Jim Follin describes it as a “state of mystery.”A great deal of Montana’s wildlands are undeveloped and undevelopment-only.They’re not managed, not managed in a…

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Why you shouldn’t be afraid of a grasslands landscape

The term grassland refers to the wide variety of grassland ecosystems in the world, ranging from tropical to temperate and arid to grasslands.Some grasslands are more suitable for animals than others, and each one has unique characteristics that can make them suitable for different types of animals.This article explores the factors that make grasslands a…

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How to make the most of your grasslands

article The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) are taking a page out of the book of grasslands and the landscape architect, creating a “grassland-friendly energy pyramid” that includes “all of the basic nutrients, including minerals, that the grasslands need.”These include “natural” and “natural gas,” as well as “organic”…

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