• September 15, 2021

The most difficult question of all time: Is your grassland worth it?

We have a special challenge for you today: How hard is it to get the grasslands of your dreams?Is it worth your time?Is the grassland really worth the time and money?Today, we’re launching a new challenge, a challenge that asks, “How hard is the grassforest?”We want to hear from you.Are you hard on grasslands?What does…

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Australia to install artificial grasslands in flood-prone wetlands

By Greg Juss article Australia will install artificial wetlands in flood prone wetlands across its flood-affected areas, in a bid to reduce the damage caused by the flood.The state Government’s plan will see more than 700 kilometres of artificial grassland created in flood plains.It will be installed in floodplain areas that have not yet been…

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U.S. wildfires rage across U.K. with heavy rainfall as forecasters say rainfall expected across the country will fall as high as 10%

U.N. Climate Change Secretary Pieter Tans told reporters Friday that the U.k. and U.s. are facing the most extreme wildfire season on record and that rain will fall heavily across the continent.Tans said it was very likely that in the next two weeks, the European Union will see a record amount of rain, possibly as…

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