• September 28, 2021

New report finds Australian landscape can become ‘more grassland’ by 2050

New research has found that Australian grasslands could become more grassland in the decades to come if policies are adopted to encourage more of them.The new report from the University of Western Australia and the University, Melbourne, also found that by 2050, Australia’s grasslands will be on track to be the world’s sixth most productive…

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How to Tell If Your Bird Is Grassland in Europe

The grasslands of Europe have long been thought to be the most biodiverse regions on the planet.But a new study has shown that grasslands in Europe are more likely to be dominated by trees than grasslands elsewhere.“A lot of the biodiversity that we see in Europe has been in the past,” says Sarah Leboutin, a…

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Why do we need a green, livable planet?

The greenest place on Earth may be nowhere near the place you think it is.In fact, it’s the least green place on the planet.Here’s why.Posted February 06, 2020 07:02:10In many parts of the world, the greenest area is where people live.In some parts, it may be where you work, where you go to school, or…

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MLB grassland stats: MLB’s grassland,canada,field stats

Canadians may be starting to get the message that the country’s grasslands are the real deal.Last week, the U.S. Census Bureau released its latest estimates on the size of the countrys grassland ecosystems, which included the United States as the most grassy region, with nearly 6 million acres.This week, another Census Bureau report found that…

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