• November 2, 2021

Tropical grassland climate is expected to warm by up to 1.4C, according to study

A new study by scientists at The University of Queensland and the University of Western Australia has found that the Australian grassland ecosystem will be experiencing a warming trend in the future.

The new study, published in Nature Communications, shows that grassland temperatures will increase by up a third by the end of the century, as the tropics warm.

“The new results, which are consistent with other studies, show that the global temperature increase will be about 1.5C in the next 50 years,” Dr Stephen Jones, a professor of climate change at The Australian National University and one of the authors of the paper, said.

“It will be warmer than it was during the 20th century.”

The research was conducted on land in Queensland and found that grasslands in Queensland are experiencing an expected warming trend of up to 3.5 degrees centigrade.

“Our results suggest that the tropical climate of Australia is in a warming state and that the long-term warming trend is consistent with the models used to produce the climate models,” Dr Jones said.

The researchers said they did not have data for other parts of Australia.

Australia is a major carbon sink for other countries and is expected by the UN’s Paris climate agreement to set emissions levels for 2030 that are at least twice as high as those proposed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Australia has been at the forefront of global efforts to tackle climate change.

The country’s emissions have increased steadily in recent years, and it has become the world’s third largest emitter after China and the US.

The Queensland University study found that if greenhouse gas emissions were to stay the same over the next 25 years, Australia’s grasslands would warm by about 1 degree centigrades.

It’s the second study in a row to show that grasses are warming and the first one to link climate change to grassland ecosystems.

The researchers also found that climate change is likely to lead to an increase in soil erosion and drought conditions, which will increase the risk of fire and drought.

In the paper published on Monday, Dr Jones and his colleagues analysed the impacts of climate and carbon dioxide emissions on grassland vegetation and assessed their relationship.

Dr Jones said the research found that “we are experiencing a global grassland warming trend that is not associated with any significant change in the climate”.

“We expect the Australian landscape to be warming by at least 1.8C over the coming decades, and this is likely due to the increased greenhouse gas release from the burning of fossil fuels,” he said.

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