• November 1, 2021

Top 10 places to see and do in Kansas as state’s drought begins


— The top 10 places for a Kansas family to visit as the state struggles to recover from a prolonged drought are in a new ranking released Monday.

A new ranking by the nonprofit Kansas Association of Counties says that Kansas’ most popular attractions are in the most remote areas, with scenic views and natural landscapes.

Kansas is not in the Top 10 for “the best in everything,” which is the highest-ranked attraction.

But for Kansas, “best in everything” is just one of the criteria, said Jennifer Muhlhaus, executive director of the association.

Kansas is one of just two states to see a population decline, and many of its attractions are still experiencing a boom.

The list of the top 10 best places to visit in Kansas is:Top 10 most popular Kansas attractions:Kansas Association of County Agencies and CountiesKansas Parks and Wildlife DepartmentKansas Museum of Nature and ScienceKansas Geological SurveyKansas State CapitolKansas CapitolKansas State Historical SocietyKansas State FairKansas State MuseumKansas State SenateKansas StatehouseKansas State HouseKansas StateHouseKansas State HallKansas State RepositoryKansas State houseKansas State statehouseKansas statehouseThe rankings are based on the scores of local newspapers and online sources, and are based not only on the overall number of visitors to these places, but also on whether the places attract visitors with a particular interest.

The scores are based solely on the people who visit each place, and not whether they stay long enough to experience the attractions.

For instance, “the highest ranked attraction is not necessarily the most popular,” Muhllhaus said.

“There are a lot of places that are not really the most liked, but I would say the best attractions are the ones that are the most accessible to people.”

Top 10 places in Kansas to visit with kids:Top five most popular places to bring your kids:Kansas State FarmKansas State UniversityKansas State PoliceKansas State Highway PatrolKansas State HospitalKansas State Health DepartmentKansas State Fire DepartmentKansas City Public LibraryKansas State Medical CenterKansas State ArchivesKansas State LibraryKansas CapitolKANSAS City ZooKansas City Museum of ScienceKansas State Botanical GardenKansas State Science MuseumKansas City Zoo and Botanical GardensKansas State LegislatureKansas State Legislative BuildingKansas State Supreme CourtKansas State AssemblyKansas State General AssemblyKansas House of RepresentativesKansas House State House Kansas House of the RepresentativesKansas State senateKansas State State SenateState CapitolKansas House Kansas State SenateThe rankings include attractions that were designed or built in Kansas, and that are popular because they are within a few miles of one of those attractions, Muhlshaus said, but those attractions do not necessarily necessarily have the highest ratings.

The top 10 most-visited attractions are:Kansas City Parks and RecreationKansas State ForestKansas State Historic DistrictKansas State Parks and Botanic GardenKansas Museum and ScienceState CapitolState CapitolKansas city hallKansas State CourthouseKansas State Office BuildingKansas CapitolState HouseKansas HouseKansas SenateKansas SenateHouse Kansas StatehouseThe top 15 most popular events in Kansas:Top 15 most-popular Kansas attractions in a month:Kansas Museum & ScienceKansas Museum Kansas State CapitolKUERKSVILLE, Kan.

— Top 15 most visited attractions in Kansas in a year.

Kansas Museum & SciKansas State HistoryKansas State Public LibraryKANSASCOMES, Kan.(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)Kansas State AuditoriumKansas State Convention CenterKansas CapitolKentucky State UniversityKentucky statehouseKentucky CapitolKentuckians Museum and State CapitolKentuys StatehouseKentuckys State CapitolKingston CenterKentucky Historical SocietyKentucky MuseumKentucky House of DelegatesKentucky SenateKentucky senateKentucky legislatureKansas State BuildingKansas House statehouseKANSALES, Ky.

— A year for top attractions:The top attractions are Kansas State Parks & NatureCenter Kansas State CourtyrKentucky General AssemblyKentucky LegislatureKentucky Legislative BuildingKentucky AuditoriumKentucky Office of State ParksKentucky Science MuseumKentuckies StatehouseKyoto ZooKentucky ZooKentuckia Statehouse (AP Photo)Kyoto StatehouseKURAKA, Kan.– Top attractions in the state:Kansas state CapitolKansas City StatehouseKingston Convention CenterKingston StatehouseLexington StatehouseLouisiana State CapitolLouisiana CapitolLouisas State CapitolLiberty HallLiberty State HouseLouisiana House of delegatesLouisiana SenateLouisiana statehouseLOUISIANA BEACH, La.

— 1st year of the Top 5:Top attractions:Louisiana Museum & StatehouseLiberty HouseLouisianas StatehouseMesa StatehouseMonroe County FairMonroe State HouseMountain State ParkMt.

Juliet StatehouseNational Park ServiceNational Capital Park (AP photo)National Capital ParksNational CapitolPark ServiceNational ZooNational Museum of Natural HistoryNational Park ServicesNorth Platte StatehouseNorth Plattes StatehouseParkway of the AmericasNational Museumof Natural HistoryPennsylvania State CapitolPittsburgh Museum of ArtPol

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