• November 30, 2021

How to answer this quiz in temperate, grassland Australia

If you want to know how the weather feels in temperates Australia, how long it takes to cool off and what temperature is optimal for growing your own vegetables, the Al Jazeera Science Answer Centre is here to help.

The answers come from a series of scientific papers published in Nature Communications.

They cover everything from climate variability to plant species, and also provide the answer to the following questions:Which species of plants is best suited for the Australian climate?

How much water is needed to sustain plants and animals in Australia?

What type of rainfall is needed for growing plants in Australia (for example, drought)How long is the growing season?

Which type of soil does best for growing crops in Australia, and what type is best for soil types?

Which species best suits plant growth in Australia and what is the best soil type for that species?

How long do plants take to produce seeds in Australia – is it optimal for plants to grow in soil that is warmer than that where they need to grow?

What is the optimum growing location for different types of crops?

How is the average annual rainfall in Australia distributed – do people get more rainfall in cooler areas or in warmer areas?

Which types of vegetation can best adapt to drought conditions in Australia in the winter and summer seasons?

How does rainfall affect soil and water resources?

How important is soil fertility for the health of soil?

How do plant species and soil properties affect climate and rainfall?

Which soil types can be grown at different rates of rainfall?

How should we grow our own vegetables?

The answers can be as simple as knowing the temperature and moisture content of soil, and can also be applied to different types and types of plants.

Aussie grasslands in the temperate zone are best suited to growing vegetable species such as tomatoes, peppers and lettuce, while the most suitable soil types are in the grasslands.

In a temperate climate, there is no need for a lot of rainfall in the summer to grow vegetables, but in the north-east, the average temperature rises to 45 degrees Celsius in winter and 50 degrees Celsius on average in summer.

The Al Jazeera answer centre will be available to answer your questions in one of three different ways:A website will be launched in early 2018 to answer all of the queries from 2018 to 2020, or the answer centres will be updated weekly on Twitter and Facebook.

It will also provide a number of resources to help you answer the questions more effectively.

Read moreAbout the Science Answer CenterAl Jazeera’s science correspondent, Michael Robinson, explains the science behind the answers.Read More

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