• November 2, 2021

African grasslands are shrinking, with many more likely to be lost in the coming century

A new study shows that the land on which many of the world’s grasslands once thrived is in danger of becoming uninhabitable by the end of the century.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, shows that a wide range of species could be lost to climate change as climate change alters habitats and water resources across Africa, from dry and temperate grasslands in south-eastern Africa to wet and temperated grasslands near the Amazon.

The study used a complex ecosystem model to forecast future land use change in the African continent, and found that the majority of the grasslands could become uninhabitable by 2100.

The majority of grassland species were found to be disappearing at rates much higher than those predicted for a more stable climate, with the exception of the desert scrub, which is likely to survive in some places.

“We are now seeing signs of species extinctions in grasslands around the world, and the pace is accelerating,” said study lead author Rui Jardim, a research scientist at the University of Chicago’s Department of Global Ecology and Evolution.

“The loss of biodiversity, and its loss in a way that is already happening, is happening much faster than we thought.”

The study also found that more species could still be lost by 2050 than previously predicted, but the rate of extinction is much faster and likely to continue increasing, with species like the desert buffaloe and the western red fox becoming extinct at rates five times faster than predicted for the future.

The research also found the number of species living on land in the wild is projected to continue to decline.

In 2020, there were only 8.2 million plant species, a rate of decline that is now projected to increase by more than 90 per cent to more than 11 million species by 2050.

This increase in the number and types of plants on the ground is likely due to habitat fragmentation and degradation due to human activity, the study found.

“If we look at a large swath of land across Africa that is currently used for agriculture, and there is a lot of farmland in the north and east, the grassland in the south will be increasingly being disturbed,” Jardims said.

“But it is going to be much more difficult to restore, and if we are going to restore the grasses that are in the ground we need to start from where we left off.”

“The grasslands of South Africa are going extinct at the rate we are seeing them today.”

The number of grasslands has increased rapidly in recent decades, but scientists say the number will only continue to increase.

“There are areas where it is very hard to restore,” said JardIM.

“We have to think about the future of grasses in a very different way.”

“We cannot rely on a few plants to be enough, we need a lot more species to survive.”

The paper also found many of Africa’s grassland habitats were becoming more difficult for humans to access, and predicted that more biodiversity could be added to the continent by 2050, with more species of animals and plants.

“The world is getting smaller,” Jartim said.

“So it’s important to be able to manage that, and to think of how we can use that landscape to support a wider range of life.”

“It’s not going to happen overnight.”

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