• October 28, 2021

Which grasslands are most threatened by climate change?

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABC) has released its latest climate change and habitat maps. 

The maps show the extent to which Australia’s vegetation and biodiversity are changing in response to climate change, and the extent of the threat. 

“The change to grasslands and grazing grasslands, and changes in other types of vegetation and habitats, will affect the overall landscape and how the ecosystem functiones,” ABC meteorologist Peter Dickson said.

“In the past, grasslands were the main habitats for wildlife.”

He said the maps showed the changes could have major implications for Australia’s biodiversity and wildlife. 

While most grasslands in the north-west have been experiencing warming, some have not.

The ABC’s environment reporter John Furlong said it was a challenge to identify the impact of changing conditions on grasslands.

“You know the Australian landscape, it’s an incredibly diverse landscape and you’ve got this incredible diversity of plants and animals that have lived here for a long time,” he said.

He said many of the changes would be caused by rising temperatures.

“If you look at the maps you can see that, although there’s a rise in temperature, that’s only a little bit of an issue because there are some places that are hotter than the average,” he explained.

“So you’ll see areas that are very hot in some areas, but not in others.”

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