• October 27, 2021

How to create your own tropical forest in under 30 minutes

Gardeners, urban dwellers and nature lovers all need a place to plant and grow their own plants, but how do you get started?

A new book called Gardeners in the Desert, by New York Times best-selling author and Gardeners Magazine editor-in-chief Laura Ocasio-Cortez, will help you figure out what you need to know to get started.

The book is a compilation of tips and tricks that Ocaska-Cueza-Caldwell, an educator and environmental educator in the New York City area, has developed over the years as a way to get people to plant, grow and care for their own landscaping.

The title of the book is not so much a title, she says, but the concept.

“I think it’s a way of saying ‘how to make your own world,'” Ocasa says.

“It’s a beautiful book, but it’s also really powerful because it helps you see the whole ecosystem that you’re living in and what the role of the environment is.”

Gardeners in Paradise is the result of years of research that began in the late 1990s, when Ocaso-Cayza-Cohen, a New York native, became intrigued by the concept of the desert, and by the idea that it can be managed for good.

Ocassez-Cabral was inspired to write the book by the desert in the Mojave Desert, where she was a young environmental educator.

Ocasio Ccollabis and her husband, Ocassia, were also inspired by the Mojavas natural beauty and natural wonders.

Oca-Collabis says she and Ocasso were inspired to get the word out about their work in the desert.

“We’ve been lucky enough to grow the trees and the plants and have a little bit of a presence in the landscape and be able to say, ‘this is what the desert is like and what we do,'” Oca says.

“But when we’re not on the front lines, we’re in the back line, but we are doing something to help.”

In Gardeners In The Desert, Oca’s first-person narration will be followed by a video interview with her husband.

Oca says her goal is to help people see their environment as a resource, rather than a source of profit.

“People often think, ‘well, I need money to go out and buy this or that,'” Ota says.

“‘I don’t have to pay for this because this will bring in more income.’

I think we all have the same dream, which is to get a garden or a pond or a tree and have that in our back yard and not have to drive, but be able, if we have a home, to get out and enjoy our backyard.”

Ocasso says people who want to create a tropical forest can get started in the following steps:Create a plan for the plan.

The best way to start a tropical garden is with a solid plan, Ota explains.

“You need to come up with an idea, a set of guidelines, that says, ‘here are some guidelines you need for this plan,'” she says.

Once you have a plan, it can take several years for the forest to grow.

Ocea says the first step in growing a tropical woodland is to plant the plants.

“So you plant your tree, plant your shrub, put your shrubs on top of your tree,” Oca explains.

“You can also plant some fruit trees.”

The next step is to grow your plants, which Oca calls a “landscape.”

This is where the land becomes a habitat for the plants, as well as for animals that eat them.

Ocea adds that you need a little more work, but that the process is simple.

“There’s no magic in the beginning.

You need to plant a few things to start growing,” she says.”

Then you plant a lot of the other plants.

You’re really going to want to plant some of the plants that you can eat or you can put in your garden.”

If you’re lucky, you can plant a whole forest in a year.

“Oceas plan is a little different than the one Ocaca and Oca used to build a tropical plantation in the United States.

In the book, Oceas team focuses on a specific area of the Mojaveda Desert.”

In the book you’re really focusing on what’s the best place for these plants to grow,” Ocasi says.

The next steps are also a little trickier.”

The most important step in the garden is really understanding where the water is coming from,” Oceacas team member, Laura Oca, says.

She says the best way for people to understand the ecosystem is to visit it.

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