• September 5, 2021

Which grasslands in Africa are most like Africa?

Africa is a continent in which grasslands dominate, yet it is unclear how much of this land is grasslands and how much is arable land.

This article presents a rough outline of Africa’s grasslands based on grassland biome fact data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and a recent survey of grassland area in Africa.

It is important to note that this list is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

Rather, it is an attempt to give a rough idea of the degree to which grassland areas are grasslands.

In this article, we focus on grasslands within Africa’s southern region of Sahel and Africa’s central region of Zaire.

The term “grasslands” is used throughout the article to mean any land area that is composed of grass, shrubs, trees, shrubbery, and grasses (Fig. 1).

In addition to grasslands, some of Africa ‘s other notable areas of grass include forest, savanna, and savanna wetlands.

Fig. 1.

Land area of grasslands around the world.

The United Nations FAO (FAOSTAT) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have compiled a list of grasses and grassland biomes.

The FAO Grassland Atlas provides a comprehensive global list of species of grass that are present on the continent.

Grasslands in sub-Saharan Africa, including Africa’s Southern Region, comprise more than 20 percent of Africa .

Most of these grasslands are in subregions of Africa with the Southern Region consisting of the Sahel, South West, Central African Republic, the Horn of Africa, Central Sudan, and the Western Sahara (Fig 3).

Grasslands and their associated vegetation are found along the borders of sub-Sahara Africa, the Saheb, and sub-Central Africa.

Fig 3.

Landscape in the Sahetba, Central Africa, which includes grasslands (blue dots).

This land area is located at the edge of the Sahara Desert.

There are also grasslands throughout South Africa and the United Kingdom and the region extends south to Central Africa.

The grasslands of Africa are highly variable in the type of vegetation they contain and the types of plant species that are found in them.

For example, a large part of Africa lies in savanna ecosystems and is dominated by grasses such as grasses, shrubby grasses like pomegranates, and shrubs (Fig 4).

This vegetation is dominated primarily by the African species of Pterosphaera , the grass that contains the seeds of many grasses.

Fig 4.

Landscapes in Africa, with grasslands dominating most of Africa (blue areas).

The Sahebi savanna region, part of the southern African sub-region of the South West (Sahel) and Central African region (Central African Republic) and located in South Africa , has the highest percentage of grass.

The Sahetbi savannah is home to several types of shrubs including oaks, eucalyptus, and black hydrangeas.

Other shrubs are also present including white-leaved yew, white oak, red mulberry, and bamboo.

These shrubs have very different plant communities than the grasses they are used for.

Although the savannas are generally dominated by native grasses of Africa , other grasses have been discovered in Africa such as cassava and other grass species.

These grasses include cassava (M.

cassava), pomegras (M., pomegrafos), and pothos (M.-L., potha).

Some other grasslands include savannans in South America , the Amazon Basin, and South Africa .

This section of Africa includes parts of the African continent and is located within the Saah-i-Zoobi, Central Sahara, and Southern Africa regions.

Fig 5.

The Sahara Desert, which covers the Saher region of South West Africa.

There is a vast area of desert along the Sahedbi desert.

This area includes parts that are dominated by arid regions, but there are also areas that are semi-arid, such as the Sahara desert and the dry desert regions of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Sudanese Séléka, and Ethiopia.

The desert is found in South West West Africa and is characterized by dry climates, high rainfall, high vegetation density, and high soil moisture.

The high desert vegetation is largely composed of desert shrubs and grass, with the grasslands also containing large numbers of other vegetation types.

Fig 6.

A view of the Saharan Desert in South Western Africa.

Saharan desert is located in the Sahara sub-continent and is the highest-elevation region in Africa .

The Sahara desert covers nearly 5 million square kilometers (about 2.6 million square miles) and has a maximum elevation of 1,300 meters (6,000 feet)

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