• September 13, 2021

When it comes to the threat from temperate-grassland vegetation: ‘We need a new generation’

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is considering new requirements for how much grassland protection a landowner should give for the protection of their grassland.

The agency is proposing that the number of hectares (ha) a landholder should give to the department to protect their grasslands could drop from 1.2 million ha in 2018 to 1.1 million ha, or 25 per cent, the agency said in a report released Tuesday.

That would be a drop of about 12 per cent from the current level of protection.

The number of hareds per hectare of protected grassland in 2018 was 1.6 million ha.

That dropped to 1 million ha as of 2020, but the department said that’s still a lot of grassland, given the changes in acreage and acreage coverage.

In other words, the department has been proposing to protect about three times as much grasslands as it is currently protecting.

It said that in 2018 the department had received about 5,800 submissions on this topic, and that this number could rise to 5,500 submissions by 2020.

The department said it would work with stakeholders to identify and address the needs of each landowner.

The new requirements would apply to all types of grasslands, including those in temperate, tropical, boreal and forested landscapes, it said.

The report said it could also apply to certain kinds of grass that don’t need protection.

Under the new requirements, grassland would have to be at least one hectare per acre, it says.

The department said more details will be released in the fall.

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