• September 3, 2021

Australia’s ‘unprecedented’ weather event: What to know about the bushfire threat

Posted May 03, 2020 05:24:27As the blazes across southern Queensland reach a critical point, the state government is deploying its emergency response, with emergency vehicles and helicopters dispatched to help in the battle.

The fires, which are raging across parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory, have killed at least 18 people and displaced more than 1,000 people.ABC weather and climate analyst Peter Kornze said Queensland’s fires had “really, really, really been unprecedented” with a total of 30,000 hectares affected in the state.

“This is just incredible.

We’ve had fires burning at such a fast pace in this state, with no warning, no warning of anything,” he said.”

They’re going to continue to burn for the next few days.”

The fires have spread in a very, very dangerous way, in a really very remote and remote area, where there’s nothing to defend against.

“There are so many areas in that area that are in danger that are currently under threat, and the government has deployed emergency response vehicles, helicopters and the like.”

The fires in the Southern Cross region are now burning across Queensland and in the Northern Territories, and are set to reach a tipping point with the fires being pushed out into the weekend.

“We’re going through a period where there are very high winds in the southern parts of the state, and it’s just not going to be possible to stop these fires,” Mr Kornz said.

“The whole state is burning, and there are no more areas that are safe for people to go into.”

The fires are now at a critical juncture, and have seen the destruction of about $US2 billion worth of property in the past 24 hours.

Mr Kornzer said the bushfires had been triggered by the El Nino weather phenomenon, which is now causing a drought in the region.

“That drought has led to a lot of drought, and that’s caused a lot more fires in this region, which has caused us to see a lot, which we now see is an extremely rapid spread of the fires,” he explained.

“So the whole of the Northern Hemisphere has been affected by El Ninos, and this drought is having a direct effect on the Southern Hemisphere.”AAP: Kelly JonesTopics:fire,fires,climate-change,fires-and-accidents,fires—other,quebec,qld,australiaMore stories from Queensland

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