• August 12, 2021

What are the big changes in the prairie grasslands of Alberta?

By the end of summer, prairie dairies, ranch houses, and even some traditional businesses will likely have to close.

With the weather forecast to be particularly warm, the weather has also become more unpredictable.

As Alberta’s prairie is losing water, it is expected that there will be a spike in water use and demand for water.

In addition, with a new provincial climate change plan, Alberta will need to find more ways to keep its grasslands healthy.

In a recent Environment Canada study, scientists discovered that there is a “substantial” link between a warmer climate and a decrease in prairie plants and grasses.

The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, also found that warmer climate leads to more moisture and plant life in the soil.

It is not clear how much of this relationship is due to the climate change and how much is caused by the soil being saturated.

The researchers found that the higher the soil temperature, the more water there was in the ground, and the more vegetation it produced.

In other words, a warmer temperature and increased moisture were associated with a decrease or even a decrease of vegetation.

This research was conducted by Environment Canada’s Climate Change Research Unit (CCRU) in collaboration with Alberta’s Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

The CCRU is responsible for climate change research and policy development.

The research found that in some areas, grasslands in particular were losing water at a faster rate than grasslands across the province.

“There was a significant drop in the number of grassland plants,” said Dr. Kevin Moulds, a researcher in the CCRu’s Climate and Water Research Unit.

“That’s a pretty significant decline in number of plants, and that’s not just a number of plant species, but also the number and density of grasses.”

Moulds said it was important to look at the overall impact of climate change on the grasslands.

“There’s a lot of things that we don’t understand, and we need to make sure that we understand that when we talk about the impact of these climate change changes on the prairies, that we really are talking about a significant amount of change in the landscape.”

There are also several other environmental impacts that are affecting the grassland and prairies.

For instance, the use of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are all causing water use in the grasses to decrease.

“If we were to look only at one thing, that’s what we’re seeing,” said Mould.

“If we’re just looking at one area, that would be the increase in use of herbicides in the past year, which is the largest increase we’ve ever seen in a year.”

While water usage in the field has decreased, Mould noted that the water used in the greenhouse is also declining.

He said that is not the case for the grass on the ground.

“The amount of water that’s being used in a particular part of the grass is not changing,” said Rona Glynn, an environmental scientist with the CCS.

“It is increasing, and it’s increasing in a significant way.”

The scientists also found some changes in grasses in the climate in response to warmer weather.

For example, grasses on the north and east sides of Alberta will experience less water usage.

This change could be linked to a shift in the way the grass grows, according to Glynn.

Mould said that in a warming climate, grass will also need to adapt to the change.

He noted that there may be less grasses around.

The scientists found that a decline in grassy vegetation was more apparent in areas where the climate is changing in the spring and summer.

As a result, “the amount of grass on a hill is going to be less,” he said.

While Mould says this is a positive change, he added that there are other changes that could also impact grassland vegetation.

“A loss of water in one area is not necessarily going to necessarily affect a larger area,” he explained.

For example, a loss of rainfall in one part of Alberta could have a similar effect in another part of Canada.

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