• August 3, 2021

How Kroger got its foot in the door

Kroger has a plan to open its largest and most profitable grocery store in the US to customers who live in remote and sparsely populated areas.

Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the country, is expected to open the first store in a new, rural location in the next few weeks.

The company’s announcement on Monday also includes plans to expand its network of grocery stores across the country. 

The new location will be located near the town of Rockford, Illinois, where Kroger began its expansion of its stores last year.

Krogers first two stores were opened in suburban Chicago, and it plans to open two more in rural areas of Illinois this year. 

In the coming weeks, Kroger will be opening two new stores in Chicago and four in other areas of the country where Krogers existing stores are located, according to a company statement. 

“The Kroger brand is built on the idea of bringing a fresh and locally-focused product to the consumer that makes a difference,” said Joe Kavulich, Krogers chief executive. 

Kroger plans to start in the spring with four stores.

The first two are expected to be in Rockford and the other three are expected in suburban Illinois, including a location in Rockland County, according a company news release. 

One of the new stores is expected for a location on the outskirts of Chicago that is already part of Kroger’s regular grocery network, and another will be in suburban New Orleans, where the chain started in 2008. 

It will also be the first Kroger store in Kansas City, Missouri, which is expected in the near future, and is expected, the company said. 

This is not the first time Kroger plans on expanding in rural America.

Last year, the grocery chain announced plans to add new stores to the western US and Canada. 

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