• August 4, 2021

Bizarre creature found in a desert: Why we have so many species of grassland

The discovery of a bizarre, grassland creature is not only exciting but also a testament to the remarkable diversity of ecosystems that exists in deserts around the world.

The creature, dubbed the bearded grasslands grazer (or grassland yellowfinch), was spotted in a remote desert in central India by a team of students.

The researchers were surprised to find the creature’s body covered in a thick, thick, and thick layer of the thick, greyish-brown grass.

The team is currently working on a project to track down the creature, who is described as “a member of the genus Gurdiros” (grey-haired) and is the largest living member of a group called the genera Gurdicaridinaceae, which include a wide range of species of herbaceous grasses.

The scientists say the grassland grass is an unusual species because it is found in deserts of all sizes.

“We found this animal in the dry, barren desert, in a desolate region of the Gurdaspur Valley, which has the highest percentage of desert vegetation in India,” said Dr Arjun Kumar, an associate professor at the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIS), who is working on the study.

The bearded grass is found only in India, and scientists are unsure of its size.

“It is a strange one, in fact, because it was not observed before, but it is one of the largest grasses found in India and we are still trying to find out more about its biology,” said Professor Kumar.

The researchers also believe that the grasses body is a unique trait because it resembles the body of a small bird, a bird which has a thick coat of thick greyish brown feathers.

“These are feathers of a bird that we know to have feathers, so it is an extraordinary feat of natural selection,” said co-author Dr Manish Jha.

The research was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

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