• August 5, 2021

Australia to install artificial grasslands in flood-prone wetlands

By Greg Juss article Australia will install artificial wetlands in flood prone wetlands across its flood-affected areas, in a bid to reduce the damage caused by the flood.

The state Government’s plan will see more than 700 kilometres of artificial grassland created in flood plains.

It will be installed in floodplain areas that have not yet been flooded, such as the flood-damaged southern Brisbane city, the flood plains of south-west Queensland, and the South Australian state’s southern coastal areas.

In Queensland, the Government’s scheme will be rolled out in areas where flooding has not been severe, including the state’s central and eastern coastal areas and the floodplain of the Central Coast.

The scheme will see the planting of artificial vegetation on flood plains that are not currently flooded.

It is hoped that the artificial vegetation will help to maintain flood protection by reducing erosion and reducing the risk of flooding.

The artificial grass will be planted in floodplains that have received significant rainfall, but not flooded, in the past two years, said Environment Minister Mark Bailey.

The Queensland Government has a total of 654,000 hectares of floodplain land in the state, with another 437,000 more being developed.

The Government is currently considering a new system of floodplans that would see new floodplain development, with new floodplays being installed in areas that are currently inundated.

Mr Bailey said the new system would create an artificial ecosystem that would benefit wildlife and reduce erosion.

“The Government’s new flood plan will help the native vegetation that already exist in flood plain areas to adapt to flood and will reduce the need for the establishment of artificial landscaping in flood areas,” he said.

Mr Juss said the artificial grass would be a natural addition to flood plains and that it would reduce the number of dead grassland plants that were introduced into the floodplanes that are already there.

“A new system, like that, would also reduce the amount of dead vegetation that we’d need to have,” he explained.

Mr Smith said the Queensland Government was committed to reducing the amount that would be planted on floodplaces.

“This is an important step in the right direction to reduce our flooding risks and increase the quality of life for our residents,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“We’ll be looking at ways to make sure the existing vegetation that is there doesn’t need to be removed.”

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