• July 16, 2021

Which grassland plants are best to grow in Colorado?

A growing number of state and federal officials and environmental groups have raised concerns about the risk of the growing grassland grasses to pollute drinking water.

The new findings were based on data from Colorado water agencies and Colorado Department of Water Resources scientists who said they did not test or measure the impacts of the grasses in the state.

The report is expected to be released later this week by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

But a new study by the Denver-based Colorado-based Climate Action Network shows that the grasslands have been showing the most consistent declines in pollute levels.

It is also showing a decrease in the amount of nitrogen that is being released into the atmosphere, said Matt Hodge, the network’s director of research.

That could help to explain why the grassland is showing the lowest amount of pollution in the nation, according to the new report.

But even as Colorado water officials are worried about the health effects of the changing conditions, they have largely not been monitoring the effects of their changing grasslands.

Hodge said the lack of data could make it difficult to figure out what is causing the change.

“It’s important for us to monitor our grasslands to ensure that we’re not putting any contaminates into drinking water,” he said.

But environmental groups say the study makes a strong case that the increasing amount of grassland in the western U.N. and Colorado are contributing to the pollution problem.

The study says the number of grasslands in the U

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