• July 12, 2021

When does the next drought start?

The National Weather Service’s latest outlook predicts the next severe drought to hit the Great Basin region this winter.

This could be as early as January or February.

This time of year can be especially tough for some prairie ecosystems.

For instance, in the Great Plains and the Southwest, there are some prairies that are already showing signs of drought.

Prairie grazers such as cattle, pigs and goats could see their water needs reduced.

Drought conditions are already present in many of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River Valley, and more frequent and severe flooding could threaten these ecosystems.

There are also risks for fish and wildlife.

Water restrictions in some states could affect fish, like the mussels and oysters that are found in rivers and streams.

There are also some potential impacts on wildlife such as the bighorn sheep, which is a major migratory bird that can migrate from one location to another in the summer and winter.

A new drought warning issued by the National Weather Services is now available for the Great Valley and the Rocky Mountains.

The warning warns that more frequent, severe droughts could occur in the next two months.

It is the third time in the last two years that a drought warning has been issued for the region.

In 2013, drought conditions caused severe damage to much of the region and led to an estimated $2.8 billion in damage.

The Great Basin is the region with the most rainfall in the nation.

Drought conditions could affect water supplies in many areas, particularly in the Rocky Mountain West, which includes the Rocky and Central Rockies, the Powder River Basin, the Rockies and the Powder.

The Great Plains have seen its fair share of severe drought conditions over the last few years.

For example, drought was a big factor in a severe drought that impacted portions of the Rocky Plains in the winter of 2014-15.

A severe drought could also affect water resources in the Midwest and Northeast.

In the Great West, there has been a lot of water stress due to the Colorado River floodwaters, which are now drying up.

The National Weather Center also has a new drought outlook for the western states.

This outlook includes a number of drought conditions that could hit the Southwest and parts of the Central Plains in February.

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