• July 17, 2021

What you need to know about the state of arboriculture in New Mexico

The arborists at New Mexico’s arborist office don’t just collect plants to sell to the big growers.

They also collect insects, fungi and other living organisms to help them preserve the natural habitat for plants and animals.

For a couple of years, they’ve also been working to restore the arbor to its original state, by creating a new, permanent garden.

The first step is planting the new arbor in the arborscape of a former ranch.

That’s what a group of volunteers in Arvada did, planting a new garden in a former home in Ramona Hills.

But the team has now found a new place to restore that arbor. 

The new garden was created in part by planting a native, grassy garden in the home’s driveway. 

It also includes some new vegetation that’s been grown from the ground. 

“It’s not an exotic landscape,” said Arvadas garden director, Steve Stump. 

Stump said the plantings are part of an effort to create a new arboretum that is part of the community, not just a new business. 

A new arborscaping, planted by Arvados volunteers, is visible in the rearview mirror of their vehicle. 

(Photo: Todd Stansbury/New Mexico Public Broadcasting) “There are two main things that we’re doing, one of which is restoration,” Stump said. 

They’ve also planted several other native plants that were previously planted in a similar place.

One of those is the new cypress hill, a new native species that thrives in arbors. 

Cynthia cypress is the largest native cypress on the planet, with about 1,000 to 1,200 pounds of foliage, according to the Arvado Botanic Garden.

The plant grows to more than two feet in height and is the only native cyress in New England.

It grows in a wide variety of habitats, including arbors and other urban settings.

“The cypresshill has grown a lot in the past few years, and it’s a beautiful plant,” said Stump, who added that the botanic garden has also planted cypress hedges in the front yard and planted a native cyprus tree.

“It has been a real big hit,” Stumps said.

The botanic gardens team also planted a few native flowering plants that Stump described as a bit of a novelty, and planted native grasses. 

All told, Stump estimated that the garden has about 1.4 acres of plants.

“I think that’s pretty large,” Stamp said.

The garden’s main purpose is to provide food for the local wildlife, but Stump noted that they’ve been able to help the local economy.

They’ve also helped the Arboras people to reconnect with their roots. 

One of the most popular activities in the garden is the honey bee hunt, where residents take turns searching for the honey bee nest. 

Some residents are looking for the nest as they work to restore and restore the area, Stumps explained.

“People like to come and hunt the honey bees and we’re going to provide them with food and help them with their jobs,” Stumping said.

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