• July 18, 2021

‘We need to get over this’ as people protest against ‘waste of time’

By David K. BinderThe Associated PressJanuary 18, 2019–A group of people who want to see the world’s most beautiful and historic parks preserved said Friday they were being ignored by leaders in Washington and elsewhere in the nation.

The group, Friends of Parks, said in a statement that the federal government should prioritize protecting the park system, including preserving the Great Lakes, Yellowstone and other parks, and making sure that the National Park Service keeps its funding, which has grown by more than $30 billion in recent years.

“The federal government has not taken steps to prioritize our park system or to protect our parks from the threat of future climate change,” said the statement, signed by a coalition of groups including the American Farm Bureau Federation, the American Bird Conservancy and Friends of the American National Park.

“We need our parks to be protected from the ravages of climate change and the erosion of our natural resources.”

The group said it had been told in recent weeks by a federal official that the United States has more than a billion acres of protected land that can be safely conserved.

The statement said the U.S. Department of Agriculture has asked the National Science Foundation to take a new look at its land-management strategy and that the U,S.

Forest Service is also taking steps to ensure that it does not lose more than 500,000 acres each year to development.

The Forest Service, which is a federal agency, does not have the authority to protect more than 50 percent of its land.

Friends of Pawnee, an organization formed in 2014, said it has received more than 1,300 requests to preserve more than 4,000 national parks.

“In 2017 alone, the federal park system lost more than 5,000 million acres of land,” the group said in the statement.

“The federal park systems’ total assets of more than 25,000 parks is approximately the size of Florida and New Jersey combined.

If we cannot protect our nation’s parks, we will not be able to protect the country’s parks.

Our parks have been protected from a climate-changing threat for thousands of years.

We must protect them, not just protect the money.”

The groups statement came after the U to Parks, a group that works to preserve the parks, issued a statement saying it would work with the U Department of Interior to “consolidate and modernize” the National Parks Service, the U government’s main federal agency.

The U to Pawnees statement said there are no plans to work on a permanent preservation plan for the parks and they would need to work together to find a way to preserve some areas and some of their natural resources, including their water and wildlife.

The groups also said they were disappointed that Congress had failed to pass a law that would protect the national parks from climate change.

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