• July 26, 2021

Grassland beef to become grassland biome in 2018

The grassland cattle sector is expected to take a major step forward in 2018, with the government introducing a new classification system to give more certainty to farmers.

The classification system, which will be used for cattle and sheep on grasslands, will allow farmers to know which types of cattle will be classified as grassland or wetland, and which will require special consideration, such as higher levels of nutrient content, the Agriculture Ministry said.

The new classification is part of a wider move to give farmers more certainty in the grassland sector, and also aims to boost production and improve management, the ministry said.

Agriculture Minister Ian Macdonald said the new classification will allow them to make decisions on the type of cattle that will be suitable for their land and the way in which they can be grazed.

“This will help us to get a more consistent crop and better feed,” he said.

“It will also help us reduce costs.”

I think it’s important to look at all aspects of the agricultural industry, from where cattle are raised, how they are raised and how they will be slaughtered to how they produce food.

“The change will apply to all livestock on Australian grasslands from the first to the last quarter of 2018.”

We know that grasslands produce more value than wetlands,” Macdonald told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

And so we need to be careful not to over-classify it too much, to look to where the value of a particular cattle is in relation to the other animals in the community, and in the broader environment.

“Farmers will be able to classify cattle under grassland, wetland or no classification.

There will also be an upgrade to how the classification is applied in Australia, with an updated assessment system.”

So in terms of the current classification system that we use now, it’s really important to have a bit of a change to that, and to give us some more certainty,” MacDonald said.

He said the changes would not be phased in over the next two years, and would be rolled out over a five-year period.

The announcement came just weeks after the government announced it would spend $1.8 billion to upgrade the country’s ageing power system, the National Electricity Market (NEM), by 2020.

The changes are a response to the rise of coal-fired generation in Australia.

Macdonald said farmers needed to look beyond the industry to make better decisions about how to manage their land.”

There are a lot of issues that we’re facing in terms a growing demand for food, but the number one issue is carbon emissions,” he told ABC Melbourne’s AM.”

The fact that we have a very complex, complex, fragmented and fragmented ecosystem with a lot more grasslands than we have rainforests, rivers and lakes, and that needs to be addressed.

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